Pull Type Harvester

4 Row Pull Type Air Harvester

  • Self Leveling Air Head
  • All Hydraulically Driven
  • Controls from the comfort of the Cab
  • 50 or 65 AirHead available
  • Rear Wheel Assist
  • 37 degree Rear Steering

See the Pull Type Air Harvester in action.

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AFE builds
4 Row & 6 Row
Pull Type Potato Harvesters

6 Row Pull Type Potato Harvester

Our Pull Type Potato Harvesters are fully hydraulic with holding bins and rear wheel assist.

Standard Equipment for all 4 Row and 6 Row Pull Type Harvesters:

  • 1000 RPM PTO
  • Rear Steering
  • Dual 24" Coulters
  • Heavy Duty 10 Bolt Bud Wheels
  • 35" Side Elevator
  • 35" Cross
  • 35" Three Position Boom
  • Electric Hydraulic Valves
  • Center Pull Hitch
  • Fully Hydraulic

6 Row Harvesters Features a 40" Cross, Vine Belt w/Fan and 3 Star Rolls w/Distributor stars on Rear Cross

Many Additional Options

See our Pull Type Harvester in action!

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